Aluminum die casting manufacturer Taiwan

            The Taiwan Die Casting Company is the premier aluminum die casting manufacturer in all of Taiwan. If you are in need of quality die cast aluminum parts then you need a company like ours that’s been doing this for decades now. Our aluminum alloys options are 383, 380, 413, 360, A304, and ADC6. Alloys 380 and 383 are the most popular die cast alloys typically found in aluminum metal parts. Parts such as engine brackets, transmission components, and electronic enclosures are just a few examples of what can be die cast with 383 and 380 alloys. But if you desire electronic heat sink parts that can transfer heat better, then you’ll want to have 413 instead. Don’t worry if you are not sure because we can help you determine which alloy will be the best for your specific die casting parts.

            We also have low copper alloys available as well. The 360 is a low copper allow that is perfect for die casting marine applications and recreational vehicle parts. The level of copper in this is 0.60, which should be suitable for most people’s needs. But if you desire even less copper, then you’ll want the A304 alloy because it has a 0.08 level and is suitable for preventing salt from intruding on electronic enclosures. And finally, the ADC6 is a low silicon alloy which is suitable for anodized applications. Most aluminum die casting manufacturers won’t die cast this alloy because its low silicon level makes it very difficult to cast. But we at Taiwan Die Casting Company are up for the task because we have an experienced team of die casters that can cast virtually any kind of part that your heart desires. After we learn about the specific job you need to be done, we will recommend the best alloy to use for it.

            If you want to make an inquiry about a custom die casting job for your parts or if you have questions about our aluminum die casting process then use the contact information on the bottom of the screen at to reach us and we will gladly respond as quickly as possible. If you have blueprints or pictures of the kind of parts that you need then please email or fax those images to us. That way we will have a better idea of what you need and will be able to accurately give you a quote on how much it will cost and how soon it will be available.