Taiwan Die Casting has some of the best equipment and technology in the die casting industry to create the products that you need. We have a computer numerical control (CNC) machines, tapping machines, tumble blasting machines, tumble vibrating machines, hot chamber die casting machines, and cold chamber die casting machines. All of these machines contribute to the die casting process that we use to deliver the kind of high quality products that our customers expect from us.

            Computer numerical controls are a very important part of our die casting process. They allow us to automate the operation of our machine tools through programmed commands which are encoded on computer systems. That way it doesn’t have to all be done the old fashioned way by manually controlling the machines by using levers and hand wheels. With this kind of automation, we can produce results much faster while maintaining the highest quality with our precision die casting. All of our other machines, like the tapping machine and tumble machine, are automated through the CNC.

            As for the die casting itself, the machines that do this use a metal casting process that forces molten metal into a molded cavity under very high pressure. The die casting machines uses two tool steel dies that are hardened to create the mold cavity. The machines create the shape of the dies, which is similar to the injection mold process. The two metals used in our die castings include zinc and aluminum based alloys, which are both non-ferrous metals. Then a cold or hot chamber is used, depending on which type of metal is going to get cast. 

            Hot chamber die casting machines are used in order to feed the die with a pool of molten metal. However, the hot chamber machines need low-melting point metals in order to work properly. Aluminum cannot be used in the hot chamber because it attracts iron while in the pool of molten metal. That is why the hot chamber is primarily reserved for the zinc based alloys only. As for the cold chamber, this is what we use for the aluminum based alloys. This process involves using a separate furnace to melt the metal and then transporting the molten metal to the cold chamber machine. From there, it goes into an unheated shot chamber and then gets directed into the die by the hydraulic piston. So as you can see, this is a very extensive process that requires the most experienced die casters to make sure everything goes smoothly.

At Taiwan Die Casting we have the right machine for your job.  For more information how  Taiwan Die Casting can serve you please feel free to contact us.