About Peng Ming Enterprise / Taiwan Die Casting Company

            Peng Ming Enterprise Co., Ltd., is a die casting company that specializes in precision die casting of zinc alloy, aluminum alloy and mold design. They are an international die casting company that does business with people and companies all over the world. Many foreign businesses purchase alloy products from Peng Ming Enterprise in order to create their own products with them. Without die casting and molded alloy, you wouldn’t have all of the metal-based products and materials that you see in many of our products and accessories. Peng Ming Enterprise is really the backbone of many other industries, such as the firearm industry, auto industry, tech industry and so on. If it weren’t for companies like Peng Ming developing molded alloys for these companies, then many other industries would crumble as a result. Then the global economy would be in ruins. So as you can see, Peng Ming Enterprise / Taiwan Die Casting Company has a very important job to do because their products help stabilize the economic growth of the other nations in the world.

            There is a large selection of products that our company can create for you. Some of the most common types of products we create for our clients include automotive components, computer components, clamps, cylinders, fans, street lights, lamps, surveillance cameras, telecom components, firearms, hardware, and industrial sensors. If the metal part that you need manufactured doesn’t fit one of these categories, don’t worry because we may still be able to produce what you are looking for.

Peng Ming Enterprise has been in the die casting business for over 30 years. We have manufactured all kinds of custom metal parts, so chances are we will be able to create your parts. We are also certified by the International Organization for Standardization, which constantly reviews companies to make sure they are abiding by their high standards of customer satisfaction. Not only that, but we are always reviewed to make sure our products are top quality and are sold to our customers at affordable prices. This allows us to form a long lasting business relationship with our customers. Hopefully we can form the same type of relationship with you.

Just use the contact information that is listed on the bottom of every page of this website and let us know the type of part that you need. Include any blue prints, sketches or any other information that can be helpful. We will review the materials you provide to us and then give you a response as to what we can do for you.