• Excellent dimensional accuracy dependent on casting material,but typically 0.1 mm for the first 2.5 cm (0.005 inch for the first inch) and 0.02 mm for each additional centimeter (0.002 inch  for each additional inch).
  • Smooth cast surfaces (Ra 1-2.5 micrometres or 0.04-0.10 thor rms).
  • Thinner walls can be cast as compared to sand and permanent mold casting (approximately 0.75 mm or 0.030 inch).
  • Inserts can be cast-in (such as threaded inserts,heating elements,and high strength bearing surfaces).
  • Reduces or eliminates secondary machining operations.
  • Repid production rates.
  • Casting tensile strength as high as 415 megapascals (60 ksi).
  • Casting of low fluidity metals.



References: Degarmo, p. 331.

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